Frequently asked questions

How can I contact/speak with you?

Via email - Text/phone, (813)720-1113, or chat

What type of events is the photobooth appropriate for?

Any gathering of people, a photobooth would be great. We service a variety of parties including birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, proms, baby/wedding showers, weddings, Christmas/New Years, Valentine's, parties etc., School events, Corporate events with branding, grand openings etc

Do you book Corporate events?

Yes, we do. Our booth can be use as entertainment at corporate events, branding of the business with the company logo and message printed on the template as well as photobooth wrap on the booth itself that serves as a visual cue of the company's brand and mission. Call us so that we may discuss how we can help you.

How long does it take for the photos to print?

Photos take approximately 8.3seconds to print. We use a Lab Quality Sublimation Dye Printer. Our printer is one of the fastest, professional printer on the market.

Do you have any suggestions on how to make sure all our guests are aware of the Photo Booth?

A few ideas would be:
Provide a note at each table or place setting. We can also provide a tall banner to display Photobooth here, 'Step Right Up!' and of course DJ announcements

What is included in your rental package?

Portable Photo Booth
Attendant 1or 2

PHOTOS: Custom template, backdrop, themed, quality props, custom props at extra charge, Gold and Platinum packages INCLUDES PRINTED PHOTOS. PLATINUM PACKAGE includeS red carpet and stanchions, AS WELL AS black photo jacket - photo books and online gallery- slight extra charge
A Guest Book: extra charge

Can we have the booth unavailable during dinner?

Yes, we can have the booth unavailable for photos during dinner. Any booth downtime is charged as Idle Time at $40/hour. This downtime does not count towards your hours of unlimited photo use.

We already have a photographer, why do we need to have a photo booth as well?

This is a question that is asked a lot. The answer is easy…The photographer will be taking staged photos as well as roaming pictures. The photobooth allows your guests to have fun, be goofy, interact with each other all while taking a memento of your special event home. In addition, they are helping to create instant memories of your special event. It's also a great icebreaker for guests who don't know each

What do I need to reserve a photo booth?

Contact us to detail your specific need, date, time needed and we will suggest one of our packages or design a custom package for you where you can also optimize savings. Once agreed, a $100 deposit is required with the balance due 2 weeks before the event date. A signed contract.

How many photobooths do you have and is there a difference?

We have 2 photobooths, the Mobi Aura which can print, has social media abilities and a round ring light. We also have our latest addition, the Fiesta' that can do all the above as well as have a programmed colored light show. It is also good for coporate events. Surveys can be built to capture information and has to b taken before pictures are printed $50 add on but well worth it. It's sleek and takes up a very small footprint. Book us today.

Is there an additional cost for a large crowd?

Yes. for every 151 people there is a $100 charge.
Why? We do this for your benefit. That extra charge goes toward having another attendant available to help everything run smoothly and faster. We believe in great service, and with business, its hard to get great service if the business isn’t properly staffed.
Let us accommodate your larger crowd. Your guests will have a great time and wait times will be minimized.

Can you provide custom props?

Yes, at a nominal charge of $50, we can provide custom props

What is the Fiesta photobooth?

it is an iPad based open air photobooth with a large screen suitable for corporate events. Embedded surveys an be programmed to capture information via survey. Company logo can be wrapped on the booth so that the booth can be a vehicle for the company's brand nd marketing. In addition, a custom colorful light show can be programmed.'

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